• What Causes Dry Skin?
    Dry skin can cause a lot of problems. Healthy, well-hydrated skin can help you look younger, provide better protection for your internal organs, and can help prevent infection. So, what causes Read more
  • Are You Keeping a Good Skincare Routine?
    Taking care of your skin is important. Your skin protects your vital organs. Your skin also improves your appearance and helps you look younger. Taking care of your skin begins Read more
  • What Are Skin Tags?
    How your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can help you get rid of skin tags Skin tags can be embarrassing and unsightly. They are not cancerous, and they are not painful, Read more
  • What Is a Hydrafacial?
    How a hydrafacial from your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can help your skin Have you heard about hydrafacial? It’s a revolutionary facial technique to rehydrate your skin. Most facials work Read more
  • Could Medical Dermatology Help Me?
    Dermatology is an important area of medicine. Many people think of dermatology as the medical specialty to help them look more attractive. This is cosmetic dermatology. There is another type Read more
  • Skin Care Tips for the Fall
    Your skin needs protection through all seasons of the year. Now that fall is here, and winter is approaching fast, you need to know how to protect your skin through Read more
  • Should I Be Worried About My Moles?
    Most moles are normal, but sun exposure, genetics, and other factors can work to turn a normal mole into an abnormal, even cancerous mole. It’s important to know what to Read more
  • What Causes Cysts?
    How your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can treat a cyst Cysts are a common skin problem, which can cause you to become self-conscious. Most cysts aren't painful, but they can Read more
  • What Is Dermatological Surgery?
    How dermatological surgery from your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can help you There are many reasons why you might want or need dermatological surgery. If you want to improve your Read more
  • Is There Treatment for Alopecia?
    Alopecia areata is an immune disorder in which a person’s immune system attacks hair follicles, causing them to fall out, thus resulting in balding and thin patches of hair. While Read more
  • Dealing With Cracking, Dry Skin
    Find out why cracked, dry skin happens and what you can do about it. Dry or cracked skin can be a real nuisance, and you must be giving your skin the Read more
  • What To Expect During a Chemical Peel
    Many people assume a chemical peel is just for acne. Not so. A chemical peel improves the look of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, and more. Dr. O’Neal Koger Jr. from Koger Dermatology provides Read more
  • When To Get Your Mole Checked
    Noticing a suspicious mole? When was the last time you put on sunscreen? If you didn’t say this morning or yesterday then we might have a problem. Apart from turning to Read more
  • Why Should You Be Interested in a Chemical Peel?
    If you want a chemical peel done, you should consult with Dr. O’Neal Koger Jr., of Koger Dermatology Anderson Foot Care in Royal Oak, MI. Why Should You Be Interested in Read more
  • FAQs About Chemical Peels
    If you’re unhappy with your skin in Bingham Farms, Southfield, and Royal Oak, MI, Dr. O’Neal Koger and Dr. Rhodonna Anderson at Koger Dermatology provide incredible solutions, such as a Read more

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