• What Is Hydrafacial?
    Trendy skincare treatments have always been around. Getting a Hydrafacial can be beneficial, but you may have questions about the process. We at Koger Dermatology in Royal Oak, MI are Read more
  • What Is a Hydrafacial?
    How a hydrafacial from your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can help your skin Have you heard about hydrafacial? It’s a revolutionary facial technique to rehydrate your skin. Most facials work Read more
  • What Sets Hydrafacial Apart
    How a hydrafacial from your dermatologist in Royal Oak, MI, can enhance your appearance There are all kinds of facials, which do all kinds of different things to your skin. Hydrafacial Read more
  • The Benefits of Seeing a Cosmetic Dermatologist
    Wondering what a cosmetic dermatologist could do for your appearance? Everything from fine lines and age spots to uneven skin tone and texture brings people into our Royal Oak, MI, practice Read more
  • What Is a Dermafacial?
    If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin you've likely tried a number of over-the-counter products to try to deal with imperfections, there may be something you haven't Read more

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