What Is a Dermafacial?

If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin you've likely tried a number of over-the-counter products to try to deal with imperfections, there may be something you haven't considered, seeing your doctor. Your Royal Oak, MI, dermatologist offers a popular treatment that can help tackle these imperfections in a noninvasive approach through a technology known as a dermafacial, although it's also referred to as a hydrafacial. Learn about all the benefits of the procedure by getting in contact with your local professionals from Koger Dermatology.

How It Works

A dermafacial is known by many names, including hydradermabrasion and hydrafacial as it involves a type of exfoliation not unlike microdermabrasion but with the use of specialized serums.

It involves a very deep clean and hydration of your skin that can clean pores by removing excess debris and allows for the serums to work more effectively.

Benefits of the Procedure

In a similar way that other microdermabrasion treatments, a dermafacial can also help with acne and acne scars by removing clogged and dead cells from pores, which can also help diminish the appearance of blackheads.

The use of serums combined with the exfoliating process can reduce hyperpigmentation and decrease the appearance of fine lines.

Those who suffer from rosacea may also see benefits from the treatment.

DermaFacial in Royal Oak, MI

The procedure is performed using a special wand that deeply cleans your skin as it passes over it, this prepares it for the application of the serums. Minor pressure can be felt as the wand passes over your skin, but the process is meant to be a painless experience, as opposed to other similar cosmetic treatments.

Whether for acne, signs of aging, or to treat another skin-related condition, if you are interested in dermafacial or hydrafacial technology to improve your skin you can schedule a consultation today with your Royal Oak, MI, dermatologist. Make an appointment with Koger Dermatology by dialing (248) 435-6622.

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